Make your 2014 New Year’s Resolution a Reality

My dot-in-law to be’s inspiring new fitness blog! Can’t wait to see more. Way to go Dawn!

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“New  year, new you!” It’s easy to start the new year with great resolutions to get fit and get healthy, but our resolutions often slip away as quickly as they began. However, anyone can stick to their new year’s resolutions with a little focus, dedication, and hard work. 

Here are some suggestions for keeping your 2014 fitness new year’s resolution:

  • Set a specific time to exercise each day – this will help you schedule your workout into the day so that your busy schedule doesn’t sneak away from you! Also, if you exercise at the same time every day, it will become a routine after only 2 weeks.
  • Mix it up – try new and different exercises and activities. Zumba, biking, kettle bells, stair steppers, yoga… the options are endless! This will help you discover your favorites! It also keeps your routine exciting so you won’t become bored.
  • Find a…

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