14 Stress relieving tips for 2014

From our work blog!

An Advocate's Life

Crossing out stress and writing relax on a blackboard.

By Melissa 

  1. BREATHE! Stop and take a deep breath now and then. Train yourself to do this when you are stressed, when you are angry, when you are feeling sad, when you are feeling happy, etc. Just the act of stopping to consciously take a breath can change your bad mood to good, help you to focus, and to stay present–all things that are needed to keep stress at bay. If you are already in a relaxed mode, that deep, conscious breath can send you into a deeper state of relaxation, which, quite frankly, is amazing!
  2. Laugh more.-If we didn’t laugh every day in our office, we would explode! It is totally okay (and necessary) to laugh, even in the grips of grief and despair. I know this from experience; laughter truly can be the best medicine some days. Go ahead and  LAUGH. It’s okay.
  3. Get active. Go for…

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