From my co-worker. . .

An Advocate's Life

By Londa B.

There was a time when I found myself single, unemployed, and for all practical purposes, homeless with three children. Before you gasp in horror, understand that being an unemployed and homeless single mother looked different for me than it does for many women. Why, do you ask? One word, privilege.

What does a former upper middle class white woman do when she becomes single, unemployed, and homeless? She gathers resources available to her due to privilege, a safety net that we don’t even realize we have. In my case, I had family and friends with resources and those resources were mine for the asking.

I needed a place to live and because my children had also benefited from years of privilege, I didn’t want them living in a run-down rental, which was all I could afford, but no loan officer in their right mind would have given…

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