Thanks to the Facebook Game Currently Trending, Here Are 17 Random Facts About Me

  1. I strongly disliked my name “Melissa Faith” growing up. Now, I cherish it.

  2. I am working very hard at restoring the creative and musical side of me that I successfully squashed years ago. My mom would be so proud.

  3. I marvel at and thank God for the absolute awesomeness of my kids. Every. Single. Day.

  4. The places my soul is happiest are California, New York City, Africa, and the mountains of Colorado. Also, anywhere I am with my family and/or by water: the ocean first, mountain streams second, and after that pretty much any river or lake will do.

  5. My dream job would be traveling the world rescuing human trafficking victims and slaves. I would bring the hub along for muscle power to put a little hurt on the slave owners as we depart. I shared that dream with him a while back and he wasn’t as enthused as I was. My other dream job would be to travel the world photographing and writing about what I have seen and experienced. Sunrises and sunsets on every continent? Could happen.

  6. I have had to “get over myself” several times throughout my life. I deeply regret the times when I was less than a decent person.

  7. At my core, I am an adrenaline junkie. Having children tamed those urges significantly as the need to be responsible outweighed my need for recklessness– although barely, at times.

  8. I have learned to appreciate and crave silence. This came only after I exorcised the demons from my head.

  9. I LOVE music of all sorts, especially of the alternative and hard rock genres. The only exception to this is the fact that I STRONGLY dislike country music, unless it’s the old stuff. A little Patsy Cline anyone?

  10. I love and miss my family around the world and country intensely.

  11. I am a thrift storeaholic. Most days, all or a good portion of the clothing I am wearing is second-hand as is most everything in my home.

  12. I have the best friends in the world and have had all throughout my life– as far back as I can remember, even when I wasn’t deserving of them. I am deeply grateful for all of them, old and new.

  13. Running has saved my life.

  14. I LOVED dinosaurs when I was little. Still do.

  15. I am adopted.

  16. I could eat pizza, watermelon, ice cream, and cereal every day.

  17. I have learned that practicing gratitude will lift you from some pretty dark places and that faith in God will sustain you, despite what life dumps on you.


Hello deliciousness! Simple and tasty cookies that are healthy too. What?

photo (3)

Occasionally I stumble upon something on Pinterest that is actually as simple and tasty as it appears to be.  (Simple means as few ingredients and prep time as possible. Tasty means it should be relatively healthy but makes me feel like I am eating something that is totally not.)

The other night while craving something sweet, I decided to look at some of my pins and choose something to actually try (as opposed to just hoarding pins on my “healthy food” board.) MUCH to my surprise I found the AWESOMEST cookies!

Are you ready for the recipe?

(2) Two ripe bananas                                                                                                                                                                                  (1) Cup oatmeal

Yep folks, that’s it! Mash em’ up and mix em’ together. You can add anything you want to jazz it up if you would like. The ones you see pictured have dried cranberries and slivered almonds (and were my afternoon snack along with a cup of french pressed coffee.)  You could also add chocolate chips, coconut, or about anything else that you would deem appropriate. Can you say DELISH?

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. (I flip mine about half way through for a nice little glow on both sides but that is totally not necessary.)

The original pin can be found here

P.S. These cookies are totally breakfast worthy. Enjoy!

P.S.S. I am aware that “awesomest” is not a word but because these cookies earn high marks in the simple and tasty categories, awesomest was the best word choice.

God always knows. . .


As I was waiting to fall asleep on Halloween night, a sense of holy-crap-what-just-happened-in-my-life-over-the-last-ten-months washed tidal-waved over me. Thank goodness that wave was immediately followed by a tremendous sense of calm (or I quite possibly could have had a severe meltdown.) It was if I could almost hear God whispering ever-so-gently, “It’s okay, you can breathe now. . .”

2013 has been a whirlwind of amazing things happening in my life. SO MUCH GOOD has happened in the first 10 months of this year that I often struggle to wrap my head around everything I have seen and experienced. Propelling everything to a total mind-blow stage for me is the fact that I have been witness to so much good arising from the worst of life’s circumstances. Because of that, life has become an everyday battle to stay the balance between joy and heartache. It’s a paradox that I have become accustomed to; one that I never could have imagined or even thought possible. It’s also one that I know won’t last forever. I thank God everyday for the good because I can’t imagine the pain without it.

So far November has been filled with friends, fellowship, worship, spurts of creativity, and even some time to rest. Quite frankly, I am exhausted on many levels but in a way that I am okay with. I know that life is slowly moving forward with a healing grace that soothes my soul. Despite the ever-present heartache, I am slowly beginning to feel like I can breathe again. Throughout it all, I have learned that without fail God always knows what we need before we do, we just need learn to listen. Without fail, He has our hand, even when we are hanging by a thread.


From my co-worker. . .

An Advocate's Life

By Londa B.

There was a time when I found myself single, unemployed, and for all practical purposes, homeless with three children. Before you gasp in horror, understand that being an unemployed and homeless single mother looked different for me than it does for many women. Why, do you ask? One word, privilege.

What does a former upper middle class white woman do when she becomes single, unemployed, and homeless? She gathers resources available to her due to privilege, a safety net that we don’t even realize we have. In my case, I had family and friends with resources and those resources were mine for the asking.

I needed a place to live and because my children had also benefited from years of privilege, I didn’t want them living in a run-down rental, which was all I could afford, but no loan officer in their right mind would have given…

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