And the fog lifts

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It’s been just over a year. . .

Time passes.

The numbness fades.

Life begins to settle in.

I can feel the protective veil of the fog of grief lifting, little by little, slowly fading like a long summer sunset.

At times, I feel like I may be able to truly breath again.

Then. . .shit gets real.

That numbness, that fog?

At times. . .

I scream for it’s return.

Longing to be shrouded in the comfort of that protection,

Shielded from the harshness of reality,

Temporarily safe from the intense feelings of grief that surround profound loss.

But. . .

Time does not stand still.

Life doesn’t wait for the grieving.


2 thoughts on “And the fog lifts

  1. thanks for the post, I really wish I would have had the internet when Robin died, I think it may have helped a little. Thanks for sharing your feelings, I realize this has been terrible hard for all involved.

  2. Hi Stacey. Thank you for the comment. I have found so many useful things on the web that deal with grief and loss. I have thought of you many, many times over the past year. Although I will never understand the pain that you and your family has suffered at the loss of Robin, I do now understand the pain of sudden, tragic loss. Your heart really opens to the pain of others after experiencing traumatic loss. ❤

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