All things Africa: Part two, the foreward

A roadside stand in Uganda.

Driving down the long stretch of road from the airport to our first destination in Jinja, Uganda I suddenly felt my soul stir. The sites, sounds, and smells of Africa were new to me--the roadside shops, the dusty air, the ever-present aroma of fires, the roosters perpetually crowing— yet, eerily, I already knew them. A part of my soul had longed for this place as far back as I could remember and now that part of me was finally home. . .

In June 2013 I was blessed beyond belief to have had the opportunity to travel to Africa on a mission trip with a group of AMAZING people that I believe only God’s loving handiwork could have brought together.  For two solid weeks we laughed, we cried, and we experienced the joys and heartaches of the beautiful Ugandan people together. I know that some of the friendships made during our time together will last a lifetime. It seems that many of us were forever changed from the moment we stepped off the plane onto the deep red soil of Africa.

Ugandan children with their jerrycans, . .

A tremendous thank you to Andy and Susie Stewart, the founders of True Impact Ministries, for graciously sharing your love of Uganda and its incredible people with us. Thank you for following your hearts to do God’s work and THANK YOU for accepting the call to establish The Michelle and Julia Hoffman Memorial Children’s Home. You both lead by example with grace and love (and facts too, right Andy?).

Thank you also to all of my family and friends for your endless love and steadfast support. With God’s grace, you made this journey possible. Every dollar, donation, and prayer made a true impact into the lives of more people than we will ever know.

Over the next few months I will be writing about my experiences on this God-sent journey across the sea. I don’t know yet how this story will unfold. I have pages and pages of handwritten journal notes to look over, thousands of photos to sift through, and so many precious memories to recall–some that long to be shared, others that will be tucked away in my heart forever. Stay tuned for more. . .