A prayer of thanks. A guest post by my youngest.

oct 16 skalbekken (2)

Dear Lord, thank you for the ways you work in our lives. Dear Lord, thank you for the ways you reveal yourself to me in the simple sounds and sights of everyday life.

Thank you for the ways you humble me, Lord. I’m thankful for the pain and struggle and for all the things that any sane man wouldn’t be, for I am crazy Lord. I am crazy for You, the King of kings who cares more than just to be my leader and example, but also cares to die a painful death fit for a murderer of many, even though You’re cleaner than a fresh fallen snow in the calm of a meadow.

I know there’s no way to repay you. There’s no way I can repay you for spending every last beat of your heart and breath from your chest on me, Lord… on me…the hypocrite, the liar, the unfaithful by nature…. However, I am these no more. By your blood and sacrificed body, by Your conquer of evil and victory over death I no longer carry the burden of being a failure a thousand times a day. I am new. I am as new, as clean, as fresh as the snow in the meadow. Who am I to be compared to You oh Lord? Though I don’t understand why it’s me You chose to extend Your endless grace, I do understand what I am to do. Be thankful. With the best of my God given ability I am to love, to witness , to give everything I have in holy devotion to You oh Lord. I am to know that this doesn’t mean that hard times and sin won’t try to prevent me from doing so, for the devil is always lurking. This does mean, though, that I have a purpose, I have meaning, and I have a place in the plan of the Creator of the universe, and when that purpose is fulfilled I will take my seat in the heavens next to my Savior Himself.

As for now, I will live to be thankful. Every breath, step, kiss, and tear. I will be thankful. Thank You oh Lord!”

~Taylor James Bodin


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