Through a child’s eyes. . .

On Christmas Day, I gave my nephew brief instructions on how to use my camera.

And then I watched him work the room as he snapped photo after photo of–

our dog,

of family with smiling faces,

and of the tree.

And I couldn’t help but wonder. . .

How different our world would be if we never lost the ability to see life through a child’s eyes.

What if. . .

Every decision we made was with our hearts first and not our minds?

What if. . .

We could actually share our feelings, whatever they may be, whenever we were feeling them?

What if. . .

We soaked up knowledge and new things like a sponge, always keeping an open mind and listening without prejudice?

What if. . .

We took time to enjoy and fully engage in each activity that our everyday life requires?

Bacon glasses as an adult? Maybe not. But, what about actually sitting down
to eat breakfast instead of  just grabbing a cup of coffee to go?

How different would our world be? 

Unfortunately though,

Being an adult. . .

Requires us to sometimes make tough choices where matters of the mind, sometimes for very good reasons, must come first–even if it breaks our hearts.

Being an adult. . .

Means that we don’t throw ourselves on the floor in kicking and screaming tantrums; but, it also means that we often refrain from offering up a hug, holding someone’s hand, or saying “I love you.”

Being an adult. . .

Means that we often think we know it all and don’t often take the time to learn something new or try to understand another’s point of view, simply because it doesn’t agree with our own.

Being an adult. . .

Often means that we rush through our days–busy with responsibilities and always looking ahead to what is next– instead of living in the present.


What if. . .

We sometimes just listened to our hearts and trusted that following it may actually be the best decision for us?

What if. . .

We learned to respectfully share with each other when we are feeling hurt, angry, scared, or alone. What if we learned to give and accept hugs, hold each other’s hands, or say “I love you?”

What if. . .

We took the time to learn something new about someone, some place, or something? What if we learned to listen to each other without judgement?

What if. . .

We actually fully lived in the present? What if we took the time to enjoy our breakfasts, our jobs, our relationships, our lives?

What if?

I can’t help but think the world would 
be a completely different place.


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