Thank you Goodwill donator…I love you!

Vintage rocks. So do the people that give it away.

To the person that donated the incredibly beautiful-but-ugly, hand-knit, oversized, vintage, mustard yellow sweater to Goodwill- I love you, seriously, I do.

I happened upon this gem of a sweater over the weekend. It ranks as one of my greatest all-time vintage finds. Seriously. It’s one of those fantastic pieces that I never dreamed of finding, ever. I intend to wear this sweater every fall and winter for the rest of my life. My husband is already sick of it (he rolled his eyes and mumbled something about my find of a lifetime being ugly) and I haven’t even worn it yet! The nerve of some people! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Luckily, while I occasionally value his opinion when it comes to my attire,  the hub has never been, nor ever will be, my fashion consultant. Anyways…

Except for a small hole in the sleeve, which my dear and incredibly talented friend, Donna Roberts, has already fixed, the sweater was in near perfect vintage condition. I honestly am still kind of in shock that I was lucky enough to score this wonderfully, odd-but-adorable, one-of-a-kind piece. Definitely, my lucky day. I already have several outfit scenarios swirling around in my brain once September rolls around. Not to wish the spring and summer away, but…

Anytime I find a vintage piece of some kind, I always wonder where it came from. What is its history? Who was the original owner? What kind of person were they? What possessed them to get rid of such an awesome bag, pair of shoes, sweater, piece of jewelry or coat? One woman’s trash is another’s treasure, that’s for sure!

In the case of my newly treasured sweater, I think it has had a wonderful life. I imagine it was knitted with love, has traveled to exotic places, and spent countless hours in front of a fireplace keeping its previous owner comfy and cozy over many a cold winter’s night. Or maybe it has been shoved in a trunk for the last 40 years, who knows? All I know is that now this lovely piece of knitted history is mine, all mine.

Whatever its past, the golden sweater has now found a loving home and an owner that will cherish it always. Yeah, I know it’s just a sweater but now it’s MY sweater… Did I already mention that?

To the person that donated the beautiful-but-ugly, hand-knit, oversized, vintage, mustard yellow sweater to Goodwill,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you- seriously, I do.

(Pic from -blue-driven.html)


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