Life begins…

 “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

I watched my husband face his biggest fear on Friday when he boarded a plane for New Jersey. Flying has terrified him for years even though he’s never been on a plane, known anybody that has ever been hurt on an airplane, or even known anybody that has had any sort of trouble at an airport! His fear, coupled with other anxieties, has been gripping. Over the years he has missed out on several opportunities for travel with family and friends because of his fear of flight. It took our daughter moving to a college in New Jersey this fall for him to finally conquer that fear. When he set foot on that plane he catapulted himself right out of his comfort zone and I can’t help but think life will be just a little different for him in the future. He has a whole new world in front of him now that he has burst out of his comfort zone and faced his fears head on.

The hub as we were about to take flight!

When I first read the Walsch quote a few weeks ago I immediately jotted it down in my journal. What a great piece of wisdom and so completely true. It really applied to the hub and his fear of flying. I then thought back to the times in my life when I’ve pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of and how incredible I felt afterward. This quote captures the essence of that feeling.

I wish that every person, especially those with anxieties, would find the end of their comfort zone. I wish that everyone could experience their life to its fullest- whatever their fullest may be. They would find out that a funny thing happens when you finally conquer something you once thought incredibly impossible. Your comfort zone moves up a notch, your world gets a little bigger, and you begin to see things just a little differently. The impossible becomes the possible and you begin to wonder, “What’s next?”

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  I am hoping that quote will help to catapult me to the next level in my comfort zone. There are some goals I have set for myself and once I attain them, I know my life will be very different from that point on. It’s kind of scary to think about sometimes. With luck though,  I will be able to rocket out of my zone and then I’ll be able be able to ask “What’s next?” What about you?


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