Will it ever end?

As I write this, the wind is howling, the rain is bordering on turning to snow, and it’s just plain miserable outside. The forecast for the next week or so doesn’t look a whole lot different than the one for today. A day here and there of warmer temps and glimpses of sunshine. Will it ever end?

I remember penning a cheery column back in February regarding the soon to be ending winter. Boy was I wrong.

I had actually packed my winter stuff away a few weeks ago as I was sure I wouldn’t need it. Boy, was I wrong again.  At last week’s ball games I sported my wool hat, mittens, and winter coat.

As I was about to start whining this morning when I looked outside I heard yet another report regarding the southern part of our country. Several states have been plagued by tornadoes and severe storms. Many people have died in these storms and the damage has tremendous.

I guess my winter coat doesn’t seem so bad in light of  what could be.

Say a prayer for the people in the states south of us and don’t forget to bundle up.


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