All for five bucks…

      Surprisingly I am able to write this. There was a brief time over the last day or two that I wondered if I’d be physically able to. On Sunday I broke out a new workout DVD. Billy Blanks: Beginner’s Boot Camp. It was a beginner’s workout so no worries right?

     Last week during my weekly trip to Target I was cruising the back side of the store coming up in the electronics department, an aisle I’m usually not in. Much to my delight there was a combo-pack DVD– one was the original Taebo workout, the other a four-workout DVD starting with the Beginner’s Bootcamp. It was an absolute steal at $4.98 for two DVD’s. I had scored the ultimate workout combo for five bucks.
     I admit I haven’t been a gym-rat for the last six weeks or so on Sunday I popped in the DVD vowing to start anew.

     And I did, for the most part. I don’t know who Billy was referring to when he made a tape for beginner’s as it definitely wasn’t somebody with my skillset and fitness level but I trudged through it as Billy promised my life and spirit would improve. I would get the life I always dreamed of. All this for five bucks. Thanks Billy.

     I muddled through the 55 minute workout and after I recovered I of course felt wonderful, until yesterday morning that is.
     I strained to get out of bed Monday morning and the aches and pains grew throughout the day. I went to the gym after work to try and loosen up. That was to no avail. I currently feel aches in muscles I forgot I had. I hesitate to do anything quickly and sitting down is not an easy task.
     But in a weird way I love the feeling. It reminds me that I actually got some much needed exercise and a start on my dream life. All for five bucks!