The Inaugural Post!

Hey! Welcome to the Prairie Girl’s Guide to Real Life inaugural post! Exciting I know…

As a girl (OK so I am 40 but a girl at heart) in rural Western Minnesota there are a few things us girls just need to accept. Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines will never publish articles on “How to Look Remotely Stylish When its -15 Below Zero” or “How to Lose Weight Eating Tator Tot Hotdish and Homemade Pie.” You won’t find make up tips on how to get a glow on the pasty white skin that seems to set in this time of the year. We have no Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s close by to keep us in the latest fashions. Nor do we have a gourmet grocer around the corner so we can whip up a dish like Mahi Mahi with mango salsa for dinner. There aren’t any Bally Fitness gyms on main street…

But we do have online shopping, cozy coffee shops, some of the best scenery in the state, and of course we have each other! So stay tuned for my tips on surviving life on the prairie. I’ll leave you with this tidbit–don’t run on ice with high heeled boots. I currently cannot sit on my right butt cheek due to the damage it received when I landed on it this afternoon.


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